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It is the consensus of current members that we learn the most from our other members. The one-on-one discussion and fellowship you will experience at GSIA events will bring you more knowledge and understanding of code and code enforcement than can be represented by some amount of CEUs. Join a growing group of individuals who care deeply about building safety and code development. Our membership consists of Active Members, Associate Members, and Honorary Members. 

  • Our Active Membership is composed of Code Enforcement Officials, Inspectors, and Code Enforcement Agents that performs inspections or supervises Plumbing, Gas, and Mechanical inspectors in the construction industry

  • Any person interested in joining the Association can apply to the Board of Directors for Associate Membership

  • Honorary Membership may be extended to those who have shown an interest in and devoted to the Association's interests and purposes and to those who have earned special recognition for their work in the industry

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